Food to make you happy [Infographic]

What I’m going to say now shouldn’t come as a surprise. Food is good. And sometimes it’s even so-so good! We believe that it has the power to make us sad or happy!
Do you agree? I bet you do!

There are so many different tastes around us. Very often I find myself searching for something to fulfill my unrecognized desire, and I wonder, “What could I eat to feel a bit better?” Do you know the feeling? It’s not just hunger, but rather, a strange need to eat something tasty! In my family we used to call it “The-need-of-black-tea-with-lemon-and-honey”. It “heals” the mood of anyone wanting a hearty meal and a little taste of home.

Comfort food may be various: salty or sweet, fatty or lean, healthy or unhealthy- it’s a strictly personal thing. But not everything is worth eating! Food is only a fuel to live- it can’t give as a real feeling of love, friendship, belonging or happiness. People who eat too much unhealthy food, believe eating gives them relief. It’s just temporary solution which leads to obesity or other diseases. If you have a bad day look for a friend or someone to talk to – it’s always better to share your concerns, say, while eating a salad, than indulge in guilty pleasures of eating unhealthy. And if you’re just like me, and sometimes you don’t know what kind of feeling you’d like to “heal”, check our list of foods that make you happier. These are not only tasty but healthy options that bring you many additional benefits! Let’s pass on the piece of apple pie and create our own, healthy list of comfort food.

Comfort food worldwide

And what is your favorite food? Is it healthy? Let’s share it in comments!

Would you like to know other nations’ healthy foods? Ask our dietitians and nutritionists for advice for the best healthy option for a bad day… :)

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